Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A useful(???) website to help your Christmas shopping this year?

This morning I came across a rather timely new website GiveEmThis which has had me both intrigued & feeling a little uncomfortable at the same time. The site promises to help me work out the perfect gifts for those closest to me with the simple click of a button. For anyone who's feeling time poor at the moment it does seem like the perfect solution doesn't it?

With GiveEmThis, all you have to do to create your gift shopping list is simply select a friend from your facebook list, hit a button and the website analyses said friend's every click, comment, 'like', and piece of personal information to create a list of 'right' suggestions.

I thought it rather important I experiment a little and so began my short stint at stalking...

First off, I was intrigued to see what the perfect gift would be for me - especially useful as I have no idea what I want from Santa this year! I'm sad to say that the 'right' suggestions in my opinion were really all 'wrong' and I'd probably be offended if anyone who really loves me gave me items from the list. And my favourite suggestion - Junket Rennet Tablets - ummmm?? I had to look these up and found they are tablets to make easily digested milk foods. Really makes me wonder what I've been searching and clicking on???

Not overly blown away by the suggestions for me, I thought I'd try my best friend to see if the website was any better at stalking her. At seeing the results I nearly fell off my chair with laughter. The top suggestion was a very lovely book on Celtic Tatting. If you know who my BFF is, you would know how far wrong this would be as a 'perfect' gift... but then again it makes me question - does she have a secret thing for Celtic Tatting and has been hiding it from me?!

You can see how this website can play with your mind!

So as we fast approach Christmas and hit the 1st of December tomorrow, may I suggest that rather than stalking people with the latest technological tools, perhaps simply ask your loved ones what they would like for Christmas? Better yet reflect on what you know about them and think of something creative.

Then again... maybe it's time to just accept that technology and the data know best and simply get those seemingly ridiculous gifts that your friends secretly desire!

Let the count down to Christmas begin...