Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An evening with Dr Lois Frankel...

I shared an evening with a wonderful group of women at the launch of the new book Women on Top lastnight. A book about the life journeys of 13 successful business women revealing their biggest challenges and strategies to overcome them. 

I'm very proud of my long term mentor and 'second mum' Kerry Azar, who features as one of the authors alongside Dr Lois Frankel. For more than 12 years, Kerry has supported me and pushed me to try things I never thought possible. We all need people in our lives to help us reach our full potential. For me, to have been fortunate enough to have met Kerry fairly early on in my career, has been an incredible blessing. Through her business New Duende, Kerry is now coaching local and international leaders reach their full potential.

The theme for the evening was connections. The idea that success is all about nourishing relationships, always remaining positive and giving freely. 

As a branding specialist, to hear Dr Frankel express the importance of building your own brand, really resonated. Quite often I speak to my clients about the brand of 'them'. Not the company or product's brand, but rather the brand of 'I'. Dr Frankel's concept of success lies in building, refining, and selling your brand. 

If you haven't already thought about yourself as a brand, try spending some time reflecting on how you would like to be seen in the world... you might even have fun refining brand YOU!

For further inspiration ensure you add these two books to your library

Dr Lois Frankel & I with her new book

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Kili experience has been published in Latte Magazine..

I received my copy of Latte Magazine today and am so excited to have had my experience of Mt Kilimanjaro and fundraising for Kids Helpline profiled in a double page spread.

My fundraising buddy, fellow designer and climber extraordinaire, Synthia and I are both looking for the next charity challenge... in fact Synth has signed up to cycle through Cambodia to raise money to help create better lives for Girls in the Congo forced into Prostitution in Feb next year and I'll likely be doing something equally as exciting later in 2012... will keep you posted!

There are a few people who were edited out of the article and I'd like to make a special mention about them... Inspired Adventures who were amazing in their support of us as well as Ugees owner Charlton who so wonderfully allowed us to hang our artworks in his cafe at west end for weeks and continued to support us through donating his tips! There are so many people who supported us, I hope you know how much we love you!!!

For now, I hope you enjoy reading the article!
Read the article by clicking on the image...

Pedalling for delicious smoothies...

I absolutely love the concept behind The Smoothie Cycle... repurposed bicycles and blenders put together to create an energy efficient and fun blending experience! My Strawberry, apple mint and ice smoothie was divine! Perhaps my pedalling effort made it taste even better as I'd had to work for my treat?